Developing Entrepreneurship Competencies Program

Reinforcing Entrepreneurship is part of Desert Bloom mission for enhancing productivity, jobs creation, social equity, economic inclusion and empowerment for inclusive growth.

Entrepreneurial competencies are among the major enablers of business and social innovation. We provide youth and women with customized training courses to build entrepreneurial competencies along with supporting skills such as product design and creation, “pitching” business to potential funders, legal aspects of business startup, and localized content. Youth and women’s economic empowerment is a direct path towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth.


Professional development Exchange Programs

We believe that relationships between nations can be enhanced by the relationships between their people, particularly young people. Therefore, we are involved in the following programs:

1. Work & Travel USA (J1 Summer Work/Travel)

Cultural exchange program for university students only.

 Program Highlights

  • Live, Work & Travel in the United States for 2.5 to 5 months
  • Exciting jobs in amusement parks, national parks, major cities, ski resorts and more
  • Meet people from around the world and make long lasting friendships
  • Travel across the United States.
  • Discover and experience the American culture and living
  • Boost your CV with international work experience.
  • Receive attractive salary and benefits same as an American counterpart.
  • Support your living and travelling expenses, and cover your initial costs.
  • Seek additional part-time employment for extra income
  • A fast and pleasant way to perfect your workplace English skills.
  • Coverage by a Comprehensive Medical & Accident Insurance Policy.


Eligibility Criteria

  • A full-time university student.
  • Between 18 to 28 years old
  • Average English skills
  • Able to  least 2.5 months’ work commitment in the United States

Program Date & Duration

The J-1 Work & Travel USA program lasts for a maximum work period of 4 months, with an extra 30 days to travel within the United States after your work commitment.

Program dates are based on the dates of university semester break. Most participants work for 3 to 3.5 months, as they need to return home when classes begin.


Common Work & Travel USA placements include: Lifeguards, Bellboys, Rides operators at theme parks, Waiters and waitresses, Housekeepers, Store clerks and cashiers, Kitchen Assistant, Groundskeeper, Fast food (E.g. McDonalds) team positions

Salary & Employment Benefits

You will be earning exactly what Americans would receive. Most employers pay around $8 to $13 per hour depending on job nature and location. Full time work is 40hrs/week, and overtime pay is usually 1.5 times the normal rate. You are allowed to seek a second job in your free time to earn extra bucks! Overall, you can very much expect to earn enough to cover your initial costs and a major part of your expenses in the United States


2. Internship Programs:

We have several Internship opportunities in USA, Europe and in the Middle East & North Africa. Our internship is a project-oriented learning opportunity for graduate students to gain valuable work or research experience. It is available for young people from 20 to 30 years of age.


Ideologies are countered by new ideas; hence, Desert Bloom developed a training Toolkit to train trainers, social and youth workers, civil society and religious leaders and government officials on preventing youth radicalization. The Toolkit is designed to equip trainees with competencies (combination of observable and measurable knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes) that contribute to preventing youth from radicalization. Additionally, it tackles the root causes of radicalization and addresses the environment conducive for extremists to spread their ideologies and recruit supporters. Moreover, it suggests strategies to help youth at-risk of radicalization improve their livelihoods and self-efficacy and develop recognized roles in their communities. 



Desert Bloom regularly organizes and hosts different Camps program including:

1. International Voluntary Service (Workcamp)

2. Local Voluntary Service (Workcamp)

3. Global Citizens Camps (Intercultural Camp): aims at inspiring people to act as responsible global citizens working for peace and understanding in a diverse world, as well as to promote intercultural awareness, tolerance and more effective cross-cultural communication to build bridges between the Middle East and the rest of the World. 

4. Peace-building Camp.

5. Sport Camp.

6. Leadership & Professional Development Camp.


Desert Bloom is very active in European Union funded Programs (including Middle East Peace Projects (EU Partnership for Peace - EUPfP), Anna Lindh Foundation and Erasmus+ Programme (formerly EuroMed Youth Programme). These programs aim to promote intercultural and civil society dialogue in the face of growing mistrust and polarisation. Erasmus + programme facilitates the mobility of young people and social workers between Europe and South-Mediterranean countries through Youth Exchanges, Voluntary Service, Training and Networking.

Moreover, Desert Bloom is involved in several Youth Exchanges for students from all over the world.

Creating pathways for positive change

Behind every success there is a great team, together we can make our world a better place for all