"Discover Culture: Drobin" Youth Exchange

Drobin, Poland, from April 8-19, 2024

"Discover Culture: Drobin" Youth Exchange

The "Discover Culture: Drobin" Youth Exchange, held in Drobin, Poland, from April 8-19, 2024, was a transformative journey for 35 young people from Poland, Latvia, Romania, Armenia, Jordan, Serbia, and Ukraine. This Erasmus+ funded project, organized by  EUROMED EVE POLSKA, Poland, aimed to foster cultural awareness and appreciation by exploring the traditions, customs, and cultural heritage of each participating country.

Each national team actively shared their unique cultural aspects through engaging activities, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of similarities and differences. The project successfully bridged cultural gaps and ignited a passion for cultural diversity among the participants.

Rayan Khreisat's Testimonial:

"Participating in the 'Discover Culture: Drobin' Youth Exchange wasn't just about sightseeing; it was a life-changing experience. Immersing myself in diverse cultures opened my eyes to the beauty of our interconnected world, igniting a passion within me to appreciate cultural diversity, develop a global mindset, and protect our precious environment.

From Poland's awe-inspiring architecture to the vibrant music and cuisine I encountered elsewhere, each culture offered a unique window into a different way of life. Collaborating with international peers with diverse perspectives pushed me outside my comfort zone, honing my teamwork skills and fostering a deep appreciation for different approaches.

Beyond the cultural immersion, this journey was also a journey of self-discovery. I've become more confident and self-reliant, thanks to the challenges and new experiences I embraced. Exploring the rich tapestry of art and architecture in Poland remains a particular highlight. It was truly captivating! I am eager to repeat this experience again and again."