"Intercultural Dialogue" Youth Exchange

Germany, March 11-18, 2024

"Intercultural Dialogue" Youth Exchange in Frankfurt, Germany, March 11-18, 2024

The Youth Exchange fostered intercultural understanding among young people from diverse backgrounds. They explored the role of culture in the lives of youth around the world, with a specific focus on addressing pressing social issues currently facing Europe. Facilitating open dialogue, attendees actively shared insights from their home countries, contributing to a rich exchange of perspectives.

The project was a collaborative effort organized by Delphin e.V. – Germany and sponsored by Erasmus+, the European Union's program for education, training, youth and sport. Partner organizations included Desert Bloom for Training and Sustainable Development (Jordan), Have A Dream (Egypt), CREATORIUM (Norway), and LEVEL UP (Poland).


Reflections from Desert Bloom’s team:

Saud Qasem, Jordan Team Leader

Our time in Frankfurt was not just about learning; it was about fostering understanding, empathy, and forging connections across borders. We return home with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper appreciation for the importance of intercultural dialogue in shaping a more inclusive and harmonious global community.

Esraa Awad

Germany's Youth Exchange transformed me. As a Desert Bloom team member, I had the privilege of representing Jordan’s rich culture, vibrant history, and cherished traditions.. Food became a bridge - each team's dish a delicious adventure. Beyond presentations, we explored German culture, forging friendships through art, music, and history. This unforgettable experience, filled with open dialogue and shared experiences, built bridges across borders. I'm grateful to Desert Bloom for this transformative journey. The friendships and cultural understanding I gained will enrich my life back home.

Mohammad Al-Shboul:

The "Intercultural Dialogue" Youth Exchange in Frankfurt was truly remarkable. It marked my first encounter with young people from Norway, offering a profound introduction to their rich cultures and perspectives. Surprisingly, it also served as my inaugural collaboration with representatives from Egypt, broadening my cultural horizons even further. The organizers, notably Ibtissam, displayed exceptional hospitality, ensuring our every need was met.