Youth Exchange “Sports for inclusion”

16 - 23 Dec. 2023, Badalona (Barcelona)- Spain

Youth Exchange “Sports for inclusion”, 16 - 23 Dec. 2023, Badalona (Barcelona)- Spain

The Sports for Inclusion Youth Exchange, organized by La Rotllana in collaboration with local educational institutions, highlighted sports' transformative power in overcoming social barriers and fostering inclusivity. It aimed to create an environment where everyone, regardless of background or abilities, feels valued and embraced. Aligned with broader goals of promoting equality, breaking stereotypes, and building cohesive communities.

The project successfully brought together 24 young individuals, aged 14 to 17, hailing from diverse backgrounds and representing Asociación La Rotllana in Spain, the Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency - SPPMD in Macedonia, and Desert Bloom for Training and Sustainable Development in Jordan. This collaborative effort aimed to create a meaningful and inclusive platform for cross-cultural exchange, fostering mutual understanding and shared experiences among the participating youth.

The project successfully achieved the following objectives:

  1. Enhanced Project Development Skills: improved youngsters' competences, equipping them with the skills to translate ideas into tangible projects, thereby empowering them and increasing engagement in community initiatives.
  2. Cultural Diversity Awareness: enhanced awareness about cultural diversity, fostering an environment of intercultural learning. This promoted respect and tolerance among participants, breaking down stereotypes and building bridges between different backgrounds.
  3. Personal Development and Exploration: youngsters were guided to explore personal attitudes and work options, enabling them to discover strengths and potential contributions to society.

In essence, the Sports for Inclusion Youth Exchange not only met its outlined objectives but also served as an inspiring beacon for the broader community. Through sports, it fostered unity, understanding, and collective responsibility, leaving a lasting impact on participants and the communities involved.

The project was co-funded by the. European Commission under the Erasmus + programme.

Please check this video about the Youth Exchange