"Equality in Networking" Training Course

Barcelona from 10- 16 Dec. 2023

Desert Bloom actively participated in the "Equality in Networking" training course held in Badalona and hosted by Asociación La Rotllana. This course brought together 25 youth workers from 8 European and South Mediterranean countries. The primary focus of the training was to enhance participants' practical skills in building partnerships and designing as well as managing international projects, utilizing non-formal and informal education methods.

Promoting a culture of peer-learning, the training provided a platform for participants to exchange valuable insights and reflect on their experiences. The program incorporated experiential learning elements, including visits to like-minded organizations and the University of Barcelona, enriching the overall training experience.

Below is feedback from Desert Bloom participant:

Attending the training was a truly enriching experience, unveiling the significance of fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and co-creating international projects in multicultural settings.

Recognizing the pivotal role of team-building games cannot be overstated. These activities not only nurture collaboration, communication, and trust among team members but also serve as delightful tools to break the ice and cultivate robust relationships. Whether through a trust fall or a team scavenger hunt, these games contribute to heightened morale and increased productivity.

Exploring other organizations during the visits, particularly the University of Barcelona, was a highlight. The university stands as a prestigious institution renowned for its diverse academic programs, extensive research, and unwavering commitment to innovation. Its notable connection to sports includes engaging sports teams and programs that provide students with opportunities for participation and competition against other institutions. This involvement fosters physical fitness, teamwork, and discipline, ensuring students enjoy a well-rounded experience that balances academics with healthy competition.

The University of Barcelona's dedication to diversity and inclusivity is evident in its robust support for the immigrant community. Striving to create an inclusive environment, the university offers tailored resources and services to assist immigrant students in adapting and thriving academically. This approach underscores the institution's appreciation for the unique contributions of immigrant students to the university community.

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ group for workers and youth workers.

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