"A Journey with Nature"

A Day Workshop Unveiling the Psychological and Eco-Social aspects of Climate Change and Earth Restoration

"A Journey with Nature" - A Day Workshop Unveiling the Psychological and Eco-Social aspects of Climate Change and Earth Restoration

In the serene setting of Bayyudah Village near As-Salt, Desert Bloom conducted a transformative workshop unfolded on November 20, 2023. Drawing together a diverse group of 36 participants, including passionate youth workers, NGO leaders, and rural youth, the event sought to delve into the intricate tapestry of climate change and Earth's restoration.

At the outset, we embraced a collaborative approach by dividing our attendees into four smaller groups. Each group delved into distinct yet interconnected topics, unraveling the complexities of climate change. Armed with newfound expertise, participants prepared engaging presentations to share their insights with the larger group, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge.

The workshop thoughtfully navigated through key themes, including:

  1. From Climate Change to Climate Emergency: Addressing the Climate Crisis, Climate Justice, Tipping Points, the Greenhouse Effect, and the intersection of Food and Climate Crisis.
  2. Biodiversity's Crucial Role: Illuminating how biodiversity underpins the processes supporting all life on Earth, including the intricate connections with human existence.
  3. Social Aspects of Climate Change: Encompassing discussions on Environmental Justice, Climate Change Migration and Refugees, the significance of interculturality and transnationality in climate change work, social justice within the climate change context, and the resilience and cohesion fostered through Community Building.
  4. Empowering Action: Exploring avenues for tangible change, the workshop encouraged participants to discover their personal plant. Despite the prevalence of concrete surroundings, the workshop reminded us of the often-overlooked beauty in the ecosystem around us. Using plant identification apps, participants engaged in hands-on exploration, identifying various plants and trees. Each participant not only introduced their chosen plant to the group but also depicted it through art, fostering a creative exchange of unique drawings and the sharing of intriguing facts about different plant species.

The workshop transcended traditional boundaries, fostering a holistic understanding of climate change and inspiring actionable steps towards a sustainable future. Through collaboration, exploration, and creativity, participants emerged not only as informed advocates for the environment but as stewards committed to nurturing the delicate balance between humanity and the planet.

The workshop serves as a pivotal Multiplier Event, providing a platform to disseminate the wealth of knowledge accrued during the PEACE Project (101051323-PEACE-ERASMUS-YOUTH-2021-CB). This gathering stands as a culmination of our collective learning journey, offering an opportunity to share insights, experiences, and discoveries that have unfolded throughout the course of the project.

Please check the workshop video: