Training Course, 23 to 30 Oct. 2023, Málaga, Spain

EntrepreneurSelf Training Course, 23 to 30 Oct. 2023, Málaga, Spain

The "EntrepreneurSelf" training course brought together youth workers from eight countries with a primary goal: fostering collaboration to advocate for the importance of youth entrepreneurship in bringing their business concepts to life.

This initiative provides a unique opportunity for dedicated youth workers and leaders who share a common interest in empowering young individuals to partake in entrepreneurial endeavors, both nationally and internationally. Additionally, it aims to pave the way for the development of international projects that bridge diverse realities and share a wealth of experiences. Gratitude to EuroMuevete for excellent organization.

Sara Abdulraheem and Jude Darwazeh shared their transformative experiences during an Erasmus project in Malaga. The journey unfolded over six days, marked by enthusiastic collaboration and personal growth. They wrote:

Day 1: Embarking on the Entrepreneurial Journey: Our adventure kicked off with enthusiasm and collaboration. Team-building activities set the stage for a harmonious and supportive atmosphere. We openly shared our expectations, fears, and contributions, fostering a sense of unity. The introduction to entrepreneurship sparked curiosity and set the tone for the days ahead.

Day 2: Navigating the Entrepreneurial Landscape: A dynamic day filled with a simulation game allowed us to explore entrepreneurship hands-on. National realities on young entrepreneurship were presented, providing valuable insights. The role-play on conflicts in professional communication challenged us to refine our interpersonal skills. A stroll through the town added a cultural touch, bonding us further as a team.

Day 3: Tackling Youth Unemployment and Exploring Success Stories: We delved into the pressing issues of youth unemployment and the role of entrepreneurial education. Exploring Entrecomp equipped us with a deeper understanding of entrepreneurial competencies. The night ended with the intercultural night which was marvelous.

Day 4: Immersing Ourselves in Malaga: A study visit allowed us to delve into the heart of Malaga, gaining a deeper appreciation for the local culture and history. Exploring the city added a touch of adventure and provided a well-deserved break from our intensive training program.

Day 5: Green Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking: Immersed in a simulation exercise on green entrepreneurship, we explored sustainable business ideas. The application of the Design Thinking methodology became a powerful tool as we transformed our ideas into tangible projects. The day concluded with a lively Halloween party, blending learning with celebration.

Day 6: Crafting Business Plans and Reflecting on the Journey: On the final day, each group poured their creativity into developing business plans. Brainstorming and discussions led to beautiful ideas taking shape. The process of presenting our ideas became a transformative experience, deepening our understanding of entrepreneurship and empowering us to build and develop our own ventures. The day concluded with heartfelt reflections, summarizing the collective journey of growth, collaboration, and newfound entrepreneurial knowledge.

Sara Abdulraheem's Testimony: The experience was a dynamic blend of education, culture, and hands-on learning. Each day significantly contributed to our personal and collective growth, leaving an enduring impact on our understanding of entrepreneurship.

Jude Darwazeh's Testimony: In my second Erasmus+ experience with Desert Bloom, the project created a vibrant tapestry of experiences, seamlessly integrating education, culture, and hands-on learning. Each day played a crucial role in shaping both our individual and collective growth, leaving a lasting imprint on our comprehension of entrepreneurship. I express sincere gratitude to Desert Bloom for this invaluable experience that has broadened my perspective and enriched my skills.


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