Youth in Action - Youth Exchange

6-14 May, 2022, Norway

Desert Bloom participated in “Youth in Action” Youth Exchange, from 6-14 May, 2022, Gåsbustua Norway

The youth exchange was hosted by Intermezzo Ungdom, Norway and co-funded by Erasmus plus programme of the European Union. It aimed at building life skills for young people, including those with fewer opportunities. The exchange gathered 50 people from 11 countries (about 40 youth and 10 group leaders) coming from Norway, Lithuania, Jordan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Poland, Tunisia, Spain, Morocco, Turkey, Belarus and Ukraine.

The youth exchange was based on a holistic experiential education model - experiential learning cycle described by Kolb (1984). First, participants were asked to undertake an activity, then they reflected on what happened and why, how. Finally, the facilitator transferred these experiences in their practices and realities. The youth exchange contained behavioral simulations, activities based on theatre technique, role plays, outdoor exercises, case studies and problem-solving, group discussion, small groups, displays and field trips, etc. The young people were able to develop a set of skills including:


Problem solving.

Creative thinking.

Critical thinking

Effective communication.

Self-awareness building (identifying personal strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities; clarifying personal values and beliefs; recognizing personal worth and personal happiness)


Coping with emotions and stress.

Please check this video about this youth exchange