Addiction of the Young People to New Technologies

Training Course, from 8 to 12 November 2019 in Madrid- Spain.

Four participants from Desert Bloom along with 39 participants from 13 countries from Europe and south Mediterranean took part in this training hosted by ADEFIS JUVENTUD, Spain.

The training focused on how the revolution of the information technologies (RIT) have changed the lifestyle of the young people. It shedded light on the complications of technology addition tackling how it can complicate life seriously to the extreme of inciting aggression and isolation. In this context, this International Seminar aimed to provide techniques and strategies to face youth addiction to technology.
The training explored the causes that drive young people to excessively and irrationally use new technologies. It analyzed the risks of such addiction and suggested alternatives to youth.

Below are some feedback from two Desert Bloom's participants:

Rasha Yaghmour:

This is my first experience participating with Erasmus+ projects (participated in a Learning Mobility Project about The Addiction to New Technology) ;

This amazing experience allowed me to communicate and express my views about this important, modern day issue, both in my mother tongue and in foreign languages.
It allowed me to enhance my communication and interpersonal skills, and a required me to deploy my learning to learn competencies.
The addiction on New Technology seminar was a great experience that allowed me to obtain my first YouthPass certification that will add a new dimension to my career , my personality and my vision for the future.
It gave me the chance to meet new people , to make new friends from all over the world, sharing some amazing ideas, enjoying our time together and building lifelong memories.
It increases your tolerance and allow you to become more open-minded to everyone and everything around you.

Most importantly, attending this session pushed me out of my comfort zone and required me to think on my feet in a number of situations.

Thank you Erasmus+ for this unforgettable opportunity. I sincerely hope and look forward to participating in many more.

Shaden Alhyari:

I have travelled to Spain/ Madrid in (8/11-13/11) for representing Desert Bloom in this Seminar.

I learnt many things from this experience; from the travelling itself and from the seminar that we had. Bosko (Our Trainer) taught us many things about technology and how it effects in our daily life. I recognized that we should be aware of how we should use it and help our children to control themselves during using technology because in these days, we use it too much and possibly we can't live without it. We have done my activities through learning like doing some searching about the relationship between technology and insomnia. We found after searching that there is a big relationship between them and people should be careful to do not use it before sleeping time for at least two hours in order to have healthy sleeping. Also, I have known about the Programmes that Erasmus and Europe for Citizens are doing for different ages and purposes which help me to understand how can I apply to get new chance with them. In addition, travelling have helped me to improve myself in different ways. For example, myself independent and self confident are improved and my point of view about culture, Spain and people there is totally now different. In addition, we visited different places in Madrid like Toledo, Retero, Sol, Moncloa and Las Rozas. Every place of these pleases has special interests like Toledo. It has Museums, churches and many fascinating places.
I should mention also the day of cultures which we represented Jordanian culture; our costumes, food and some productions of Dead Sea.

It was really amazing to have this opportunity. Thanks for Desert Bloom for giving me this chance to represent our culture to other countries and I hope to have another one in the future.