Skills Development and Economic Empowerment
Unleashing people’s full potential unlocking economic opportunities ".

We equip individuals and communities with the skills and resources to build sustainable livelihoods.


Safeguarding the Environment
" There is Only One Earth Every Person can Make a Difference.


We face triple planetary crisis: climate change, nature and biodiversity loss, and the increase in pollution and waste.

If everyone did one little efforts toward implementing the 5 R's of Zero-Waste lifestyle – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot, we will have millions of actions to protect our earth.

Connecting Cultures
" Building Resilience for a more peaceful and inclusive world " .

We equip people with resilience and global competence

We transform conflict and build peace reinforcing global competence and universal morality promoting values of respect, cultural diversity to create opportunities for all and advance a shared respect for human dignity.

What's New

PEACE: Psychological and Eco-social Aspects of Climate ChangE

Desert Bloom is a partner in "PEACE: Psychological and Eco-social Aspects of Climate ChangE" funded by EU (under Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Capacity Building in the Field of Youth). Project No. 101051323 ERASMUS-YOUTH-2021-CB. The project duration is 24 months and it had started in January 2022.

The project aims at:

  • Acknowledging feelings about climate change and learning ways of managing them “Not avoiding them.
  • Creating new social norms about protecting the environment where “Green is the new black”.
  • Breaking collective silence about climate. Engaging everyone in protecting our planet.
  • Inspiring positive visions to identify steps to mitigate climate change highlighting how restoring climate reinforces our core values.
  • Engaging with nature to re-discover the connection with it.

Project partners and their rule (according to their expertise)”

  1. Permacultura Cantabria, Spain (project leader) - Environmental Side, from Climate Change to Climate Emergency.
  2. Desert Bloom, Jordan- Social and Community side, from separation to collaboration
  3. Agrado- Italy- Emotional Side, from Eco-anxiety to Eco-involvement.
  4. Education Innovators Kosovo, Kosovo- Digitalisation side, from social networks to social work-in-net.

About Us

Desert Bloom for Training & Sustainable Development

Desert Bloom for Training & Sustainable Development

The history of Desert Bloom goes back to around the end of the second millennium, when we established the "Self-Improvement Initiative" to enhance graduates’ employability skills under the University of Jordan Alumni Club. The repercussions of World Trade Centre tragedy in 2001, particularly the growing distrust between the west and the Middle East, incited us to go global establishing "Quested Peace organization" in 2002. Quested Peace contributed to building bridges of understanding and restoring trust between the West and the Middle East. In 2004, Quested Peace joined the United Religions Initiative (URI), the largest grassroots interfaith and peace-building organization worldwide.  In July 2018, Quested Peace changed its name to Desert Bloom.

Creating pathways for positive change

Behind every success there is a great team, together we can make our world a better place for all

Our Recent News


"Equality in Networking" Training Course

Desert Bloom actively participated in the "Equality in Networking" training course held in Badalona and hosted by Asociación La Rotllana. This course brought together 25 youth workers from 8 European and South Mediterranean countries. The primary focus of the training was to enhance participants' practical skills in building partnerships and designing as well as managing international projects, utilizing non-formal and informal education methods.

Promoting a culture of peer-learning, the training provided a platform for participants to exchange valuable insights and reflect on their experiences. The program incorporated experiential learning elements, including visits to like-minded organizations and the University of Barcelona, enriching the overall training experience.

Below is feedback from Desert Bloom participant:

Attending the training was a truly enriching experience, unveiling the significance of fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and co-creating international projects in multicultural settings.

Recognizing the pivotal role of team-building games cannot be overstated. These activities not only nurture collaboration, communication, and trust among team members but also serve as delightful tools to break the ice and cultivate robust relationships. Whether through a trust fall or a team scavenger hunt, these games contribute to heightened morale and increased productivity.

Exploring other organizations during the visits, particularly the University of Barcelona, was a highlight. The university stands as a prestigious institution renowned for its diverse academic programs, extensive research, and unwavering commitment to innovation. Its notable connection to sports includes engaging sports teams and programs that provide students with opportunities for participation and competition against other institutions. This involvement fosters physical fitness, teamwork, and discipline, ensuring students enjoy a well-rounded experience that balances academics with healthy competition.

The University of Barcelona's dedication to diversity and inclusivity is evident in its robust support for the immigrant community. Striving to create an inclusive environment, the university offers tailored resources and services to assist immigrant students in adapting and thriving academically. This approach underscores the institution's appreciation for the unique contributions of immigrant students to the university community.

The project is financed by the Erasmus+ group for workers and youth workers.

erasmus+ @cjamarante @sppmd @larotllana @ignetwork @associazioneinfirmagiovani @piya @ambitia

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Eco-friendly Sport Workshop

Eco-friendly Sport Workshop

Desert Bloom hosted the Eco-friendly Sport Workshop in Amman and Balqa from July 1-2, 2024. The workshop, which is part of Part of the "Sports 4 Healthy Life" Project, was attended by 30 participants from government institutions, academia, civil society, subject matter experts, and youth. It covered key environmental issues and mitigation strategies. In the first half, the workshop focused on Earth-inspired concepts such as Earth-based feminism and Eco-tourism, water challenges and strategies in Jordan, solid waste management in Jordan, as well as global challenges like water scarcity and global warming.

The second part of the workshop was dedicated to practical techniques and strategies to mitigate and adapt to various environmental challenges. Participants brainstormed innovative ideas for applying Zero-waste principles (the 5 R’s of Conservation: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle). They also learned about eco-friendly sports and highlighted sports that best protect our environment. Finally, participants calculated their ecological footprints and discussed ways to minimize their individual environmental impacts.

The second day was dedicated to field visits in Balqa Governorate, including the College of Agriculture Technology at Al-Balqa' Applied University (BAU) in Salt, the Albalqa Innovation Institute in Bayyudah, Mysara Forest, the Ecological Park in As-Subayhi, and the old city of Salt (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). The workshop is part of the "Sports for Healthy Life" project, supported by the European Commission's Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), and coordinated by Sorgun Youth Association within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps (ESC) Volunteer Teams in High Priority Areas Programme.

Sport for Healthy Life project uses sports as a platform to empower young people facing adversity. It aims to: • Help young people identify their strengths and build self-confidence to overcome challenges.

  • Broaden their perspectives by exposing them to new experiences and ideas, opening doors to future possibilities.
  • Foster a belief in positive change, encouraging a hopeful outlook for the future.
  • Enhance life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance, which are valuable in all aspects of life.
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"EnABLE Youth” Training Course

Exciting News from the ARABLE Project! EnABLE Youth” Training- Morocco, 12-15 May 2024

The ARABLE project has reached a significant milestone with the successful “EnABLE Youth” training event held in the beautiful city of Fes, Morocco. The training was host by the partner organization, EURO-MED EVE MOROC, accommodated 30 dedicated youth workers from the 10 member organizations of the ARABLE consortium. This empowering event focused on empowering youth, fostering inclusivity, and driving sustainable change through equipping disabled youth with valuable entrepreneurship skills in sustainable agriculture. Moreover, the “EnABLE Youth” training provided a remarkable opportunity for participants to exchange knowledge, share experiences, and foster a sense of community. Together, we are paving the way for a more inclusive and sustainable future in agriculture.

The training continue with ARABLE project endeavors to tackle the obstacles faced by individuals with disabilities, particularly focusing on youth unemployment, discriminatory practices, and environmental sustainability within the agricultural domain. Geared towards empowering young people to become ambassadors for future societies, the project prioritizes environmental conservation, professional opportunities, and inclusive participation. Recognizing the burgeoning potential of the agricultural sector and the imperative of youth engagement, ARABLE aligns with the European Commission’s concerns regarding climate change while aiming to empower disabled youths in rural settings. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to empower and inspire through the ARABLE project!

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"Stories Behind Minds", a Training for Youth Workers

Hosted by ROSI FRANCE-ESSONNE, France, as part of the Erasmus Plus program generously funded by the European Union, this dynamic training gathered 26 dedicated youth workers from both Europe and the MENA Region (France, Germany, Romania, Italy, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco). Together, they embarked on an enlightening journey into the realm of storytelling, recognizing its transformative potential in uplifting young individuals navigating the complexities of social exclusion.

Participants delved into how digital expression amplifies voices and fosters inclusivity. They unpacked cultural dynamics, dismantling stereotypes and cultivating an appreciation for diversity. This journey equipped them with skills to prevent radicalization among youth.

The course offered a dynamic mix of activities, including video production, interactive games, drawing exercises, and collaborative storytelling. These weren't just for fun – they fostered creativity, collaboration, and equipped participants with practical strategies to raise awareness about the issues explored. Participants learned how to use digital tools to bridge divides, celebrate shared humanity, and see cultural diversity as an opportunity, not a threat."

This training addressed the rising trend of youth polarization. By equipping participants with skills to work with marginalized groups (ethnic minorities, migrants, and refugees), it paved the way for a more inclusive and compassionate future.

Check this video about the training:

Feedback from Desert Bloom Team:

Ola Estaitia (Group leader)

“Personally, I'm incredibly grateful for this opportunity. The learning journey and the friendships forged with participants from diverse backgrounds were truly enriching. The training has contributed to my intercultural sensitivity and boosted my digital skills. Beyond the training classes, we enjoyed rich cultural experiences together. We visited the Alexandria National Museum and the iconic Library of Alexandria, savoring delicious Egyptian street food on Alexandria Beach. We also had the opportunity to visit the opera and an organization dedicated to storytelling with refugee and war-torn children. These experiences deepened our understanding and fostered a sense of connection.

Raha Daqa:

My experience with the “story behind minds” training was truly transformative. It equipped me with the skills to utilize digital tools effectively, fostering connections, promoting empathy, and embracing the beauty of cultural diversity. I am deeply thankful for the opportunity and the lasting impact it has had on me.

Deena Zeidan

This immersive experience provided invaluable insights and practical skills for navigating the complexities of working with individuals from diverse backgrounds, including ethnic minorities, immigrants, and refugees. Through engaging sessions encompassing video production, interactive games, drawing exercises, and collaborative storytelling, we delved deep into the essence of empathy and intercultural understanding. I would like to express my gratitude to Desert Bloom for providing me with this amazing opportunity. This was a valuable experience that will stay with me in both my personal and professional life.

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"Discover Culture: Drobin" Youth Exchange

"Discover Culture: Drobin" Youth Exchange

The "Discover Culture: Drobin" Youth Exchange, held in Drobin, Poland, from April 8-19, 2024, was a transformative journey for 35 young people from Poland, Latvia, Romania, Armenia, Jordan, Serbia, and Ukraine. This Erasmus+ funded project, organized by  EUROMED EVE POLSKA, Poland, aimed to foster cultural awareness and appreciation by exploring the traditions, customs, and cultural heritage of each participating country.

Each national team actively shared their unique cultural aspects through engaging activities, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of similarities and differences. The project successfully bridged cultural gaps and ignited a passion for cultural diversity among the participants.

Rayan Khreisat's Testimonial:

"Participating in the 'Discover Culture: Drobin' Youth Exchange wasn't just about sightseeing; it was a life-changing experience. Immersing myself in diverse cultures opened my eyes to the beauty of our interconnected world, igniting a passion within me to appreciate cultural diversity, develop a global mindset, and protect our precious environment.

From Poland's awe-inspiring architecture to the vibrant music and cuisine I encountered elsewhere, each culture offered a unique window into a different way of life. Collaborating with international peers with diverse perspectives pushed me outside my comfort zone, honing my teamwork skills and fostering a deep appreciation for different approaches.

Beyond the cultural immersion, this journey was also a journey of self-discovery. I've become more confident and self-reliant, thanks to the challenges and new experiences I embraced. Exploring the rich tapestry of art and architecture in Poland remains a particular highlight. It was truly captivating! I am eager to repeat this experience again and again."

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Spreading Ramadan Cheer to Families in Need in Mafraq

Desert Bloom, in collaboration with URI-MENA (United Religions Initiative - Middle East and North Africa) and its CCs, partnered with Qudorat in Mafraq to bring joy and essential aid to families in need this Ramadan.

This initiative went beyond mere distribution. It provided a valuable opportunity for Desert Bloom to immerse themselves in Qudorat's impactful work. The visit included exploring their new facilities, learning about their programs and beneficiaries, and interacting with their dedicated team members. Together, they united efforts to distribute vital resources like clothing and food packages, ensuring a brighter Ramadan for many.

A highlight of the visit was a powerful dialogue with twelve remarkable young women from Qudorat CC. These women, the backbone of the organization, manage logistics, communication, and planning. The discussion explored a range of topics, including volunteerism awareness, challenges faced by women in Mafraq, and the impact of the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The women's resilience and strength were evident as they shared how their work and personal lives have been affected. This insightful exchange fostered a deeper understanding of their experiences and the crucial role they play in Qudorat CC's success.

Desert Bloom extends its heartfelt gratitude to Qudorat CC for their warm hospitality and meticulous preparation. Their thoughtful sorting of clothes by family size and creation of food packages ensured each family received the most useful items for their needs.

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"Intercultural Dialogue" Youth Exchange

"Intercultural Dialogue" Youth Exchange in Frankfurt, Germany, March 11-18, 2024

The Youth Exchange fostered intercultural understanding among young people from diverse backgrounds. They explored the role of culture in the lives of youth around the world, with a specific focus on addressing pressing social issues currently facing Europe. Facilitating open dialogue, attendees actively shared insights from their home countries, contributing to a rich exchange of perspectives.

The project was a collaborative effort organized by Delphin e.V. – Germany and sponsored by Erasmus+, the European Union's program for education, training, youth and sport. Partner organizations included Desert Bloom for Training and Sustainable Development (Jordan), Have A Dream (Egypt), CREATORIUM (Norway), and LEVEL UP (Poland).


Reflections from Desert Bloom’s team:

Saud Qasem, Jordan Team Leader

Our time in Frankfurt was not just about learning; it was about fostering understanding, empathy, and forging connections across borders. We return home with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper appreciation for the importance of intercultural dialogue in shaping a more inclusive and harmonious global community.

Esraa Awad

Germany's Youth Exchange transformed me. As a Desert Bloom team member, I had the privilege of representing Jordan’s rich culture, vibrant history, and cherished traditions.. Food became a bridge - each team's dish a delicious adventure. Beyond presentations, we explored German culture, forging friendships through art, music, and history. This unforgettable experience, filled with open dialogue and shared experiences, built bridges across borders. I'm grateful to Desert Bloom for this transformative journey. The friendships and cultural understanding I gained will enrich my life back home.

Mohammad Al-Shboul:

The "Intercultural Dialogue" Youth Exchange in Frankfurt was truly remarkable. It marked my first encounter with young people from Norway, offering a profound introduction to their rich cultures and perspectives. Surprisingly, it also served as my inaugural collaboration with representatives from Egypt, broadening my cultural horizons even further. The organizers, notably Ibtissam, displayed exceptional hospitality, ensuring our every need was met.

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"My Virtual Existence" Youth Exchange

Desert Bloom took part in the "My Virtual Existence" Youth Exchange held in Samobor, Croatia, from January 9th to 18th, 2024. The project aimed to illuminate both the positive and negative aspects of virtual existence, ranging from the impact of social media on self-esteem to the role of online communities in fostering a sense of belonging. It provided an in-depth exploration of how online experiences influence the mood, emotions, and worldview of young people, as well as the ways in which digital interactions shape their daily lives. With participation from six countries – Georgia, Spain, Croatia, Albania, Turkey, and Jordan – the youth exchange offered a comprehensive perspective on how the digital world shapes the emotional landscapes and perspectives of today's youth. It provided a platform for youth to discuss, explore, and critically approach these issues.

Here's a revised version of the details of the experience:

Day 1: We arrived in Croatia, marking the beginning of our journey.

Day 2: We commenced our mutual discovery, getting to know each other as we entered the youth exchange program and fostered relationships through team-building activities. Our journey began with a "Mission Impossible" challenge, fostering connections and camaraderie among us. As we tackled obstacles, we unveiled the diverse perspectives and insights each participant brought to the virtual realm, enriching our understanding of our varied thoughts and experiences.

Day 3: We embarked on a journey of self-reflection, contemplating the role of social media in our daily lives. Our exploration extended to the historical evolution of the internet, social networks, and technological advancements, offering deeper insights into the diverse perspectives within our group.

Day 4: We imagined a world without social networks, pondering its potential implications on our lives. Our exploration also delved into emotional intelligence, discussing its profound influence on success. Through research and discussion, we enhanced our understanding of the pervasive influence of social media content and brainstormed strategies to foster resilience.

Day 5: We delved into the world of gaming, familiarizing ourselves with its specialized language and culture. Our discussions explored controversies surrounding gaming, including issues of violence and gender representation. We brainstormed proactive solutions to mitigate risks associated with gaming.

Day 6: Our focus shifted to the integration of AI within social media platforms and content recommendation systems. We discussed the mechanics of algorithms and engaged in debates about AI's limitations in critical thinking and creativity. Additionally, we celebrated our diverse backgrounds through an intercultural night of dances and culinary delights.

Day 7: We explored remote work and its ongoing impact, especially in light of COVID-19. Our discussions highlighted the importance of digital literacy for remote workers and staged a play illustrating the motivations behind remote employment.

Day 8: We gathered to reflect on our learnings and conclusions from the exchange. With thoughtful deliberation, we summarized our insights before embarking on a final outing, ending our journey with an ice-skating trip filled with laughter and joy.


Heam Khaddams: "My first Erasmus+ experience was truly remarkable and unforgettable. I cherished every moment, from being part of a dynamic team to meeting people from diverse backgrounds and immersing myself in different cultures. Together, we nurtured creativity, learned from each other, and formed lasting bonds that will stay with me for a lifetime."

Ahmad Ezz-Aldin: "Being part of this project was an extraordinary experience, and I'm grateful for the opportunity. Through this journey, I discovered new ways to unleash my creativity and improve my social skills. This project provided an experience beyond my imagination, leaving lasting memories that I will always cherish."



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Youth Exchange “Sports for inclusion”

Youth Exchange “Sports for inclusion”, 16 - 23 Dec. 2023, Badalona (Barcelona)- Spain

The Sports for Inclusion Youth Exchange, organized by La Rotllana in collaboration with local educational institutions, highlighted sports' transformative power in overcoming social barriers and fostering inclusivity. It aimed to create an environment where everyone, regardless of background or abilities, feels valued and embraced. Aligned with broader goals of promoting equality, breaking stereotypes, and building cohesive communities.

The project successfully brought together 24 young individuals, aged 14 to 17, hailing from diverse backgrounds and representing Asociación La Rotllana in Spain, the Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency - SPPMD in Macedonia, and Desert Bloom for Training and Sustainable Development in Jordan. This collaborative effort aimed to create a meaningful and inclusive platform for cross-cultural exchange, fostering mutual understanding and shared experiences among the participating youth.

The project successfully achieved the following objectives:

  1. Enhanced Project Development Skills: improved youngsters' competences, equipping them with the skills to translate ideas into tangible projects, thereby empowering them and increasing engagement in community initiatives.
  2. Cultural Diversity Awareness: enhanced awareness about cultural diversity, fostering an environment of intercultural learning. This promoted respect and tolerance among participants, breaking down stereotypes and building bridges between different backgrounds.
  3. Personal Development and Exploration: youngsters were guided to explore personal attitudes and work options, enabling them to discover strengths and potential contributions to society.

In essence, the Sports for Inclusion Youth Exchange not only met its outlined objectives but also served as an inspiring beacon for the broader community. Through sports, it fostered unity, understanding, and collective responsibility, leaving a lasting impact on participants and the communities involved.

The project was co-funded by the. European Commission under the Erasmus + programme.

Please check this video about the Youth Exchange

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Desert Bloom’s young staff and volunteers shared their experience in Spain about sustainable living.

Desert Bloom’s young staff and volunteers shared their experience in Spain about sustainable living.

Ten young people of Desert Bloom shared the experiences gained from their participation in the Youth Exchange that was hosted by Permacultura Cantabria in Cantabria, Spain from 18-25 Oct. 2022. The exchange was under “PEACE: Psychological and Eco-social Aspects of Climate Change” project.

They young people highlighted the risks of climate change on our physical and mental survival on front of 40 people in a URI Faith for Earth workshop held in Dec. 2022. They tackled daily habits that accelerating climate change. The made it clear that our lifestyle choices matter. They impact the world around us, hence, it is everyone responsibility to stop hearting our one and one planet. We all need to make our lives more environmentally friendly by greening our lives toward “Zero Waste” lifestyle”, said Shaden Hayari. She also gave example on how to practice the 5 principles of Zero Waste (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot) on our daily life. Moreover, Mutaz, Rama and Ahmad shared some ecological farming and sustainability practices, including biobuilding, Rainwater harvesting, storage heating stoves and recycling the waste oil into a fuel. All these practices they had learn during their visit to an ecological farm in Cantabria.

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Arabic version of "From Negativity to Activity" the audiobook of PEACE project

Desert Bloom is pleased to share with you the Arabic version of "From Negativity to Activity" audiobook of PEACE project (PEACE: Psychological and Eco-social Aspects of Climate Change"/ Project Number: (101051323 ERASMUS-YOUTH-2021-CB), co-funded by the European Union.
Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them is now available in our YouTube Channel. Below are the links.

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Solidarity Without Borders in Jordan

Solidarity Without Borders in Jordan

Solidarity Without Borders in Jordan is a one-month Volunteering Teams in High Priority Areas project, involving 40 volunteers from Portugal, Germany and Jordan, took place in AsSalt, Jordan. The project was coordinated by 'Associao Medestu' Portugal and implemented by Desert Bloom, Jordan in cooperation with Albalqa Institute for Creativity in Bayoudha Village.


The project made significant strides in addressing unmet societal challenges within the realm of "preservation of cultural heritage," leveraging eco-friendly and sustainable methodologies. It not only implemented environmental responsibility but also fostered awareness of cultural heritage preservation among participating volunteers and target groups. The initiative proved transformative for young volunteers, enhancing their personal, social, and professional skills.

A diverse array of discussions, workshops and field visits deepened participants' understanding of crucial topics, spanning sustainability issues, climate change, climate justice, sport and healthy lifestyle, olive harvesting and pressing, organic farming, and permaculture practices. The project facilitated hands-on experience, including the planting of over 1500 native trees for local reforestation, establishing a community garden for local inhabitants, and constructing a wood-fired oven using mud-building techniques common in permaculture.

Moreover, the initiative promoted language exchange through self-organized classes in Arabic, Portuguese, and German. Engaging in regular soccer and judo practices with local children, along with organizing three intercultural nights representing each nation involved, further encouraged transcultural exchange with the local community. The volunteers are poised to positively impact the local community, particularly the target groups comprising children, youngsters, migrants, and refugees.

In addition to their impactful work, volunteers seized the opportunity to explore Jordan. Their itinerary included visits to:

  1. The Royal Hashemite Court
  2. The city of As-Salt, recognized on the UNESCO World Heritage List as "the city of tolerance and civilized hospitality." It boasts around 650 significant historic buildings showcasing a blend of European Art Nouveau, Neo-Colonial styles, and local traditions.
  3. Petra and Wadi Rum, where they immersed themselves in the Bedouins' nomadic and tribal traditions.
  4. Aqaba
  5. Roman Ruins of Jerash

This holistic approach not only contributed to cultural heritage preservation but also provided volunteers with a rich cultural and educational experience, fostering a profound connection between the project and the community it served.

Some reflections from volunteers

Areefa Albqowr- Jordan

I am proud that I have successfully completed the Solidarity Without Borders project in as Salt, and I am thrilled to present my feedback of the profound impact this month has had on me. Spanning a month, the project unfolded with a myriad of activities and positive interactions, creating an environment conducive to cultural exchange and personal growth.

Language acquisition took center stage throughout the program, with engaging lessons in Arabic, Portuguese, and German. What set this experience apart was the direct interaction with native speakers, providing an immersive learning environment. Beyond linguistic skills, we delved into the exploration of diverse cultures and traditions, sharing moments that encompassed a spectrum of emotions—happiness, sadness, joy, longing, tears, gratitude, thanks, reflection, culture, discussions, housing, and everything in between.

Living together 24/7 for an entire month allowed us to form deep connections. Our journey began with icebreaker exercises at our designated chalets, where laughter-filled games and "Protect Your Dream" exercises infused camaraderie into the group. Area tours acquainted us with the places and projects slated for exploration during our stay.

The primary goal of language exchange was admirably achieved. Arabic was taught to the German and Portuguese groups, while we absorbed lessons in their respective languages. English served as our common medium, fostering a collaborative and inclusive learning environment.

Noteworthy activities such as olive picking and tree planting allowed us to connect with the local community, contributing to the town's greenery. Transplanting shrubs, preparing the soil, and planting over 1500 trees left an indelible mark, symbolizing our collective effort to nurture growth and create lasting memories.

Community Garden activities, though in a smaller area, were equally meaningful. Working together, following clear lines, and completing each row solidified our sense of collaboration and shared purpose.

Traditional Cultural Nights played a pivotal role, with teams from different countries showcasing their unique heritage through food, attire, songs, and dances. From Portuguese culinary delights to engaging German games and the richness of Jordanian traditions, each night offered a delightful journey into cultural diversity.

As the project concluded, the impact lingers on. Parting was emotional, but the exchange of physical letters proved to be a thoughtful touch, allowing us to revisit shared memories and the kindness embedded in each word. The yearning for these moments began before they ended, and as each person departed, they took a part of another with them, influencing and connecting us on a profound level. While we may not physically reunite, the heart and memory persist, and we remain connected in thought, grounded beneath the same sky, awaiting the surprises of coincidences that bind us together.

Aisling Groll


I am extremely grateful for the experiences I gained during my participation in the project. Particularly the continuous exchange with the other Jordanian and Portuguese participants provided me with valuable insights and perspectives. I also immensely enjoyed the interactions with members of the local community and am grateful for the openness, kindness, and hospitality they welcomed us with. I personally also enjoy being outdoors and working practically which many activities enabled me to do. 


While some aspects could be improved it is worth acknowledging that the team of continuously present responsible organizers/ project “leaders” was extremely small considering the high number of participants. It was clear to see that Elham and Rúben did all they could to provide every participant with a valuable experience. Perhaps it could be beneficial for another project of this size to account for more people with a supervising/supporting function.


Mirjam Liebl


During the project, we had a lot of time to socialize with the other participants. Looking

back, talking with Jordanians about the Jordanian culture and Islam helped me to

understand better why things like marriage work in this society like they do. I appreciated

that we made many trips to different places, so we saw different sides of Jordan like the

beautiful nature and small, medium-sized, and big cities. We ate many traditional dishes and

danced a lot. Something I particularly enjoyed was the three cultural nights. I also liked the

working activities in the garden, planting trees, and playing sports with children. I think we should have planted trees or worked in the community garden more frequently than once a week, especially because we quit the activity because of rain at the end of the project. Elham did very well and always tried to accommodate everyone’s needs but we

should have had different people who focused on different parts of the project in my opinion.

It was hard to coordinate the group as people went to different houses during the day when

there was free time.


Frank Pietsch


I'm very fortunate to have been able to be involved in the project in As-Salt because it was a unique experience in every way. Working together with Jordanians, Portuguese and Germans in a meaningful and lasting way shaped us all during the project and even beyond. I was very happy to get the chance to plant trees and to meet the local community. I hope that we had a lasting impact on the environment, but we certainly grew as a community. We made some lasting connections and got some insights into a life, that is not that different from our life in Europe, but still, we had to question some common beliefs. I especially value the time we spend talking with each other and getting to know each other better. Through this, we got insight into different ways of thinking and living and we will certainly not be the same anymore. I also think that all of us became friends through working together in an honest and simple way and through our different ways of approaching life in general. Also, the food was nice.



Florian Kempkens


I personally liked the project because the catering was good and there was enough food. In addition to that, there was a wonderful community spirit which was very enjoyable. The intercultural experiences and encounters with the local community gave me a lot and I learned much.

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